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Eco Suds Citrus Lavender Stain Stick / Laundry Soap

Eco Suds Citrus Lavender Stain Stick / Laundry Soap

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Introducing our Eco Suds Stain Stick/Laundry Soap, your eco-friendly answer to stain removal and handwashing!

Infused with a delightful Lavender Citrus scent derived solely from natural essential oils, our stain stick is a sensory journey with every use.

Crafted from a harmonious blend of plant-based ingredients, our stain stick effortlessly lifts and banishes stubborn stains while remaining gentle on fabrics and the planet. Whether you're targeting a specific spot or indulging in a full handwashing session, our versatile product is your sustainable cleaning ally.

Try the convenience of a stain stick that multitasks as a laundry soap. Simply wet and apply directly to stains for precise treatment or grate and dissolve for a luxurious handwashing ritual.

Bid farewell to harsh chemicals and welcome a greener, more effective approach to cleaning.

Transform your laundry routine with our Eco Suds Stain Stick/Laundry Soap - where efficacy meets eco-consciousness, and each wash is infused with the beautiful scent of lavender and citrus.

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