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Lizzibear Hugs & Hair Care

Lizzibear's Natural Deodorant

Lizzibear's Natural Deodorant

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Discover the essence of freshness with Lizzibear's Natural Deodorant!

Immerse yourself in a blend of pure ingredients that celebrate nature's charm. Our thoughtfully crafted deodorant embraces your skin with gentle care, offering a delightful twist to your daily routine. Unleash the power of natural confidence and experience a new level of freshness with Lizzibear's Natural Deodorant. Your underarms deserve the best – naturally!

Available in pots or as a stick, you can choose it with baking soda or without.


Story time:

Things you might consider when starting your journey.

Give yourself time to adjust if this is your first natural deodorant. Much like my shampoo bars and how they clean off all the layers of stuff other products have left on your hair and scalp, this deodorant is similar.

My formula will allow your pits to breathe and detox. Bacteria has been trapped in your pores along with aluminum and other harmful chemicals that haven't been allowing you to sweat naturally. As this bacteria frees itself, you may notice a stronger and often unpleasant odour. Please be assured that if you experience this, it is temporary.

You also might notice a slight irritation after a few days of using the baking soda formulation. A lot of people assume they are sensitive to it and discontinue use, this is another detox phase (unless you have a known allergy). I recommend continuing use but switch to the baking soda free formulation for a day or two until redness goes away. You can also wash it off at night with a damp cloth and re apply in the morning after a nice shower to reduce that inflammation response even more. Not everyone will have this but if you are like me, I wanted to offer you this advice. It helped me continue the journey of switching and I am so grateful because I am now chemical free and smelling fantastic!

Stop odour and kick harmful chemicals out of your life today with Lizzibear's Natural Deodorant!

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